Monday, December 22, 2014

Hello Everybody!

So I am officially home and I have re-entered the real world.  I cannot believe this day has really come.  I think I am more shocked to be able to wear pants than anything else.
So my family never really posted a lot of pictures on my blog, so I am going to put a few up today. I hope that anybody who sees them will enjoy. :)
This is my and my mission president and wife.  the Stokers.

Some of the Senior couples and MacKenzie:
All of us sitting in a mustang! 

Well those are just a few for now!
Word cannot even describe how I felt about my mission and it is just a blessing for me to have been able to serve.

I know with all my heart that this gospel it true and that it changes lives.  I know that if we follow our savior Jesus Christ that we will be able to face every concern that we have in life with confidence and know that with his help no matter what happens we will make it out on the other side.  I know that we can live with him one day.  I am so grateful for this gospel.  I love it.  And I hope all who read this will read the Book of Mormon so that they too can come closer to the savior and his teachings!  And especially come to know the peace from reading those words.

I love you all!

Bridget Lundahl

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