Monday, December 8, 2014

It's Picking Up!

Oh Boy family!
Things are so great here!  I am so excited and happy.  We had a miracle week for sure.  To start off, it seems to me that everybody we talk to is anti the Book of Mormon.  From that guy at the store to a ton of chats which we have taken.  Many if not all have brought up things negative things about the Book of Mormon, and most of them have never even read it.  So the past 4 district meetings have been about the Book of Mormon.  And how to use it better and more and testify of it.  And this last one was killer.  We talked about how the Book of Mormon has helped us come to know the savior and it was so powerful.  The spirit was really strong.  And then we set our goals.  And we all set a goal for 4 new investigators!  So far we have 2 solid potentials that we are going to be seeing.  It is great!  I am so excited. :)
We have had snow, rain and freezing rain this week.  people have been coming to church.  and some haven't. 

This week sister Erickson has been super sick.  It has been really sad.  We will go to set appointments, but other than that she has no energy.  But I have been making phone calls and getting appts set up and members to come teaching with us, and so I still been really busy.  I ran out of time today for some of the exciting stuff. Probably because I am in shock that I will be home next week.  So if you have any last words of encouragement let me know!  Igtg.
Sister Lundahl

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